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 The Strangers 2 Announced

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PostSubject: The Strangers 2 Announced   Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:57 am

OK, I understand sequels aren't a good way to go or whatever and they are never as good as the first, but remember The Godfather 2, Harold and Kumar 2, Star Trek 2, Star Wars 2.....all better than the first installment....however...this movie set a precedent...if you will....this movie was awesome, and the scare tactics were perfect so making a part 2 is a bad idea right? Maybe.....this could be better than the first or this could just be such a disapointment....The guy who wrote part 1 is writing part 2....after that....I have faith...Plus....who can't get enough of Man In The Mask, Dollface, and Pin-Up.....they are the scariest non zombie dead ghost killers ever....they are so skilled at what they do that they move like ghosts...and its u must that they get the same 3 to play the killers, especially dollface and man in the mask...if you saw the'll know what I mean....

The Strangers 2 LINK

Another Link

You know though...I'm not a big fan of bringing back Liv Tyler's character and If I read the 2nd link correctly he said...."Some of the same antagonists"....bring all 3 back asshole....or add 1 more....there are a lot of ways to take this movie and make it as good or better than the first...lets hope he does it...


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The Strangers 2 Announced
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