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Live Wild Die Proud:Renegade 4 Life
Live Wild Die Proud:Renegade 4 Life

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PostSubject: REMAKES!!!!!!!   Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:39 pm

What is with all the fucking remakes? I understand people today aren't as smart as people used to be but damn...are we that far out of ideas....can't be...I have plenty of ideas.....

The Pink Panther
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Friday The 13th
Childs Play
Nightmare On Elm Street......WTF....

Granted some of these are good and Halloween was better than the OG but that was a 1 in a million shot....Child's Play might be good coz Don Mancini is gonna do it as well as Brad Douriff but how can you do Freddy without Englund...? Damn man...


Without evil there can be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes....
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