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 The Return.....

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Live Wild Die Proud:Renegade 4 Life
Live Wild Die Proud:Renegade 4 Life

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PostSubject: The Return.....   Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:36 pm

A couple years back, and when I say a couple years, I mean like 2002-2004 or so, I made a series of cheaply made, bootleg albums...rap albums....some having a rock feel to them...I used the name Psycho Squirrel because Squirrel was a nickname I got in HS that followed me to my first job and I still get called that once in a great while....Tis a bit of a story how the nickname came about, maybe I'll tell it in The Smoking Section sometime...but anyways....a lot of the songs were of a heavy comedy feel, while the rest were dark and violent, kind of an ICP feel.....My first album I was not proud of coz I didn't use any beats....they got better when I started using beats and around here, with a very small crowd I must add....I developed somewhat of a following and had a couple of my songs actually declared underground cult classics....ask Metro about the song Anal Sex.....he loved was HILLARIOUS.....well, I am considering making another underground bootleg, cheaply made of course, under the name Youngstown Renegade....maybe if it works out I'll see if I can't let you guys listen to a single from it if I do it...maybe I'll put up some of my lyrics.....The last album was probably made in 2004, and was my personal favorite of the 4 albums I did....the bad news....I no longer possess any of those 4 albums or the singles....there were 2 singles that I did not put on an album.....1. Anal Sex and 2. Fucking Wit The Wrong Crew (done with an old friend that I no longer speak to)...As a matter of far as I know....nobody has any of them...I would kill to find at least 1 or 2 of them....but my lack of possession and my complete boredom combined with my desire to try to make a few bones has given me the urge to return with a brand new album....under a brand new name....get ready for the YOUNGSTOWN RENEGADE!!!!!!!!!! lol!

And yes I'm dead fucking serious......


Without evil there can be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes....
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The Return.....
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