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 Youngstown Renegade's Movie Awards

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Do you want to do a Youngstown Renegade's Movie Awards?
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Live Wild Die Proud:Renegade 4 Life

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PostSubject: Youngstown Renegade's Movie Awards   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:09 am

This is a possible sub forum that may be coming soon, kinda like the NFL awards we had.....It would be like the Oscars of this forum, only here, it's not fixed... lol! ....It would span the past year as well as all of movie history.....I would like to get more people involved and we just may do this.....I'll put up a poll here so you can give your opinion on what you think....and I'll keep yall updated on weather or not we're gonna do this....Fantasy playoffs are fun, and the NFL awards would've been funner had more people voted.....


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Youngstown Renegade's Movie Awards
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